14 African Athletes Have Gone Missing from the Commonwealth Games in Australia

Athletes from Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Sierra Leone are believed to have fled the games village.

Around 14 African athletes have gone missing from the Commonwealth Games currently underway in Australia.

On Wednesday, it was reported that 8 Cameroonian athletes—five boxers and three weightlifters—disappeared from the games, leading the team to believe they’d “deserted.” The remaining athletes are said to be from Uganda, Rwanda and two from Sierra Leone.

NTV Kenya added Monday that a Kenyan boxer Brian Agina had gone missing at the end of the Commonwealth Games in Australia.

The missing athletes are thought to be seeking asylum in Australia.

At this point they have not broken any laws, they have visas until mid-May.

Australian authorities say they have had inquiries from 40 athletes seeking to extend their visas.

This is not the first-time groups of athletes have gone missing from the Commonwealth Games. In 2006 more than 40 athletes and officials went missing, overstayed, or sought asylum. The same has occurred at Olympic Games in the past. It’s clear that many leave in search of a better life outside of their home countries.

Earlier this month, 50 Ghanaians were deported after it was determined that they were not journalists sent to cover the Commonwealth Games, as they claimed to be.

Cameroon team chief says he’s heard nothing from missing athletes

The head of Cameroon’s Commonwealth Games team, Victor Agbor Nso says he flies home today but has still not heard from eight athletes who went missing last week.

He says he is exhausted from the scrutiny prompted by their disappearance.


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