15-year-old student at GHS Nkolbisson arrested after stabbing Math teacher to death with a compass

Forces of law and order of the Nkolbisson Police Station in Yaoundé have arrested a 15 year-old student who allegedly stabbed his teacher in class because he was trying to confiscate his phone.

The alleged assassin Bisse Ngosso Brice had escaped to his residence at the Oyom Abang neighborhood, after the deadly act according to Cameroon state media.

Njoni Tchakounté Maurice, deceased Math teacher

According to Jack Bessala, the Math teacher, his colleague, Njoni Tchakounté Maurice was teaching peacefully in class when a distracted student caught his attention. He approached the student and discovered that he was using his mobile phone in class.

Furious, the teacher asked the student to give him the mobile phone and the student refused to comply.

Frustrated by the student’s behaviour, the teacher tried to grab the phone, but the student fought back. It led to a struggle between the teacher and the student. During the brief struggle, the student angrily stabbed the teacher with a compass.

Shortly after that, blood started oozing out of the teachers body. Students began screaming in the classroom and other colleagues rushed in. They put him in a car and on their way to the hospital he stopped breathing.

He was confirmed dead my medical personnels at the University Teaching Hospital (CHU) of Yaoundé.

The Minister of Secondary Education, Prof Nalova Lyonga and other MINISEC officials made a stop at CHU where the teacher was transported. State media said Prof. Lyonga proceeded to Government High School Nkolbisong to find out what happened.


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