1,700 Cameroonians in a “Distress Situation” in Libya: IOM

At least 250 Cameroonian migrants who left the country for a brighter future have returned to the country from Libya as part of a humanitarian project.
According to Roger Charles Evina, IOM’s project manager, the return of these Cameroonians is part of a project to encourage the return of 850 Cameroonian migrants. He added that at least 1,700 Cameroonians are in a “distress situation” in Libya.
Women; including nine of them pregnant, and men, most of them young, arrived at the Yaoundé Nsimalen airport aboard a private plane chartered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) as part of a project aimed at the return and reintegration of Cameroonian migrants from Libya.
Several of these Cameroonians told AFP that they lived in “prisons” in very bad conditions and their dream was to get to Europe.
Through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) program in Libya the European Union is providing 65,000 FCFA to each of these returnees.
OIM’s project which supports the reintegration of migrants upon their return, is taking into account the challenges of coming back home and starting all over. The organization will also offer subsidies for the returned migrants to start activities. The amounts vary between 500,000 FCFA and 1,000,000 FCFA.
A recent CNN report showing migrants being auctioned in Libya, and widely shared on social networks, provoked strong emotions, provoking outrage in Africa and the UN.


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