AFCON2021: Center Region Governor Says Access Says Access to Olembé Stadium to be Restricted 1 Hour to Time

By A.J

Naseri Paul Bea, Governor of the Center Region of Cameroon has said access to Football Stadiums will be restricted one hour before games kickoff.

This decision is one amongst several others implemented to avert situations like the Stampede at the Olembe Football Stadium.

He was speaking to Cameroon’s state media CRTV when he made the declarations. “We are going to see into that those who come to the field one hour to the match will not be allowed access into the stadium,” he declared.

The Governor informed that strategies to implement this rule are already being worked on. He assured that the rest of the games will be hitch-free.

The Administrator has also instructed that crowd pulling activities around the stadiums have been prohibited. He made particular mention of ticket sales in the stadium premises.

Uncivil behaviors like fence scaling, have also been frowned at by the Governor. According to him, it is “ungentlemanly,” and “anyone caught doing anything funny will be brought to book.”

Naseri Paul Bea equally revealed on CRTV that they will improve on communicate. He said many Cameroonians are not properly informed, especially on how to get to the stadiums unhinged.

These various measures taken come after a ban on the Olembé Football Stadium was lifted by CAF. The stadium had been temporarily shut down after a stampede had caused the deaths of 8 Cameroonians on January 23, 2022.


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