African Activists and Civil Soceity put the ICC to the Test

Former French President Nicholas Sarkozy – Getty Images

Bamako – 6 years after the death of Muammar Gaddafi, Africans refuse to forget. A total of about 15 activists and associations of African civil society including Burkina Faso’s ‘Le Balai Citoyen’, ” Y’en a marre ” from Senegal and ” Le Peuple ne veux plus ” from Guinea are gathered in Bamako to form a Pan African Civil Society Front. Their first action is laying a complaint against former French President Nicholas Sarkozy at the International Criminal Court for “war crimes and crimes against humanity.”  These associations believe that Western intervention in Libya has “caused the death of former Libyan president Gaddafi and 50,000 people.”

Gaddafi and Madiba

Defending why it took them so long to lay a complaint to the ICC against former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, for provoking the intervention in Libya which led to the death of Colonel Gaddafi, Simon Kouka, Senegalese rapper and member of the movement “Y en a marre”: argued that “Many people were offended, but there was no action and this action, I think, arrives at its time to say: It’s time. Where our leaders have failed, it is up for us to succeed.  This is also for African dignity, because it is an African president who was assassinated.”

The International Pan-African Civil Society Front (Fispa) is made up of young activists from the new civil society of the continent. The Front wants to defend Africa, democracy, dignity and human rights.

The Ivorian artist Ticken Jah Fakoly, is the sponsor of this coalition. He said that “if the ICC does not react, it means that the ICC chooses its clients.”


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