African States fail to meet AMISOM financial obligations

Uganda’s troops serving with the African Union Mission for Somalia (AMISOM) have gone without salaries for three months, NTV Uganda reports.

The State Minister of Defence and Veterans’ Affairs Bright Rwamirama told Parliament’s Defense and Internal Affairs Committee that this is due to a financial problem, the Minister says some African States have not met their financial obligations to AMISOM and this is the reason the soldiers who are over 6000 have not been paid.

The East African country was the first to deploy troops under AMISOM into Somalia in March 2007. So far, Uganda has provided all four AMISOM Force Commanders with the recent outgoing being w Lt. Gen. Andrew Gutti was replaced by Lt. Gen. Silas Ntigurirwa from Burundi.

Until now, Uganda has deployed 12 battle groups into the Mission area. The recently deployed Battle Group 12 joined their Burundian counterparts in Baidoa.

How is AMISOM funded?

AMISOM’s funding has come from multiple sources including AU member states, the AU Peace Fund, the UN Trust Fund for AMISOM (and, later, the Somali National Army), the UN Trust Fund for Somali Transitional Security Institutions, UN assessed peacekeeping contributions, and a range of AU/AMISOM partners, including the EU.

There have been arguments over the appropriate amount of money that should be provided to AMISOM troops as allowances.

These arguments intensified when from January 2016, the EU, which pays for all the allowances for AMISOM troops, reduced its payment by 20%, from $1,028 to $822 per soldier, per month.

Second, there have been complaints by several (troop contributing countries) TCCs over delayed payment of allowances to AMISOM peacekeepers in the field, with some claims of troops going without pay for over a year.

The most recent delays involve a dispute over the signing of revised addendums to the memorandums of understanding between the AU and each of the TCCs.


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