After being “ignored” Cameroon’s main opposition MP’s go to the Parliament

SDF MP’s left to themselves in the Glass House

Cameroon’s main opposition party Social Democratic Front (SDF) Members of Parliament decided to attend the National Assembly’s ongoing plenary session for the first time since it began on the 14th of November.

12 SDF MP’s showed up at the Glass House in Ngoakele, Yaoundé, today.

The SDF MPs have demanded that the anglophone crisis be on the agenda to be discussed in their session which they say both the Speaker of the House of Assembly and the ruling party CPDM MPs are not willing to get it discussed.

In reaction the  CPDM MPs especially anglophone MPs  abandoned their counterparts from the SDF, in the glass house and walker out.

The Members of Parliament who have been concerned about the ongoing situation in the North West Region decided not to attend this parliamentary session until the government addresses their worries and ensures that normalcy returns to the NW and SW regions.

“No work will take place at the National Assembly unless a definitive solution is sought for the anglophone crisis,” SDF Parliamentary Group declared on Thursday.

Honorable Mbah Ndam an SDF MP from the North West Region reiterated, “the government has its role to play likewise the National Assembly, we are not giving up until the issue is addressed.”

“There is no scrutiny of the finance law at the National Assembly if the Anglophone Crisis is not tackled by the house,” Hon. J.M Nintcheu another SDF MP said.

Todays parliamentary session ended in chaos with the Speaker of the House of the Assembly joined his party members outside.

The Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon has been ongoing for more than a year now and anglophone activists have blamed the government for not addressing the issue early and their efforts to do so, leave some citizens not satisfied.



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  1. Wona don see weti? This one na just the beginning.

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