Anglophone Crisis: Another Anglophone Lawyer Abducted in Bamenda

Credible sources have revealed that Barrister Akum Michael Nche, the Treasurer of the Cameroon Bar Association has been abducted this morning in Bamenda by some unidentified gunmen.

The lawyer is believed to have been whisked off from his house by the armed men who threatened to kill one of his children if he did not give himself up to them. They also robbed him of some money, as well as some property like his TV screens, alcohol from his private bar and mobile phones.

Neighbors of the lawyer said the Barrister was driven off in his car to an unknown destination. As of now, it is still unclear who his abductors are, and what their motive for kidnapping Barrister Akum Michael is.

Barrister Akum Michael is the third Anglophone lawyer in less than 3 days to be targeted by gunmen in the anglophone regions. His abduction comes 3 days after the assassination of Senator Henry Kemende by unknown assailants in Bamenda. Like Barrister Akum Michael, Senator Kemende was whisked off in his car. His family received his corpse with bullet wounds after that.

Barrister Ivoh Aloh Njuh was also shot in a confrontation between soldiers and Separatists in Buea on January 12, 2022. These events have led several persons to assume that common law lawyers are being targeted in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.


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