Anglophone Crisis: Chief Mukete advocates for a Ten-State Federation

CPDM senator Chief Nfon Victor Mukete has added his voice to the solutions for the ongoing socio-political crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. In an interview with the French magazine Jeune Afrique, he condemned the ongoing violence in the North West and South West regions; which has claimed lives, the method used by the government to handle the crisis and has given a way forward.

In his opinion, the crises can be resolved if Cameroon establishes a ten-state federation, as soon as it can be financed. He also condemned the centralization of power, adding that it is an error. Federalism to him will give everyone the opportunity to be in control. He highlighted the importance of this to the Far North, South West and North West regions.

The anglophone crisis has taken a different dimension, lately, both the military and the civilians have been slaughtered and to Chief Mukete all of these would have been avioded, “if one had refrained from imprisoning leaders who ultimately had only social demands. If we had refrained also from clamping down on the voices of protagonists on both sides, like that of the secessionists.”

To him the creation of the famous National Commission for the Promotion bilingualism and multiculturalism, is a panacea to the crisis, even though it came in very late when the anglophone crisis had taken a different dimension.

Read the rest of this interview from page 28 on Jeune Afrique:

JA 2980 du 18 au 24 Février 2018



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