Anglophone crisis: Defence Minister announces change in military strategy in Anglophone Regions

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s Minister of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo has revealed that the state has opted to change its military strategy in the Anglophone Regions, in their fight against the secessionists.

He made the declaration yesterday at a security meeting that brought together top bras security personnel from the North West Region. During the meeting they discussed how best to contain the threats of the Separatist fighters.

The visit of the Defence Minister also comes on the heels of two deadly attacks on Cameroon’s military by armed separatist fighters in the country’s Northwestern Region. At least 15 soldiers were killed.

Addressing the media after the meeting, Minister Beti Assomo said “there has been a change in strategy which I cannot reveal… Readjustments and actions will be deployed without delay…”

The Defence Minister’s declarations in Bamenda have nevertheless been met with stiff and contrary opinions. Cameroonians have suggested that upping the ante militarily in the English-speaking regions will further worsen the situation.

Now more than ever, separatists have become stronger and better armed than four years ago. Cameroonians think the recently improved guerrilla strategy by the Separatists, enhanced by the emergence of new war leaders should serve as an eye-opener to state authorities that the conflict is now being fought on almost equal strengths.

Tibor Nagy, Former Assistant Secretary of States for African Affairs of the United States has advised the government to abandon the military strategy as a means of resolving the crisis.

He said on twitter that the violence will get deadlier if not stopped. “So sorry to see increased violence in Cameroon Anglophone conflict. I’ve earned for years that if not resolved, the conflict will get deadlier and spread. There is no military solution. What’s in the human spirit cannot be extinguished with force,” he tweeted.

Cameroonians however fear the worst after the recent developments in the North West Region particularly. Viral videos have made rounds on social media showing an entry of full war tankers into the restive English speaking North West Region.


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