Anglophone Crisis: Maurice Kamto and Allies denounce Ambazonia leaders’ life sentence

The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) Party and some of his supporters have said the Military Court’s decision to sentence Ayuk Tabe and 9 others to life imprisonment is a blow to the efforts in resolving the anglophone crisis through dialogue.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Tasang Wilfried, Henry Kimeng, Cornelius Njikimbi Kwanga, Fidelis Che, Nfor Ngala, Che Augustine Awasum, Eyambe Elias, Shufai Blaise Sevidem and Egbe Orock were sentenced to life imprisonment by the Military Tribunal in Yaoundé on Tuesday, August 19.

They were equally ordered to pay a fine of 250bn CFA francs to the government for civil damages and 12bn CFA francs for court costs.

The Military Tribunal convicted them of terrorism and secession over unrest that has claimed hundreds of lives, condoning and financing terrorism, insurrection and hostility against the motherland, recruitment of persons to participate in acts of terrorism, undermining state security, spreading fake news and lack of identification papers.

CRM leaders Professor Maurice Kamto, Christian Penda Ekoka, Albert Nzongang and Paul Eric Kingue, incarcerated in Kondengui since January 2019, have denounced the Military Tribunal’s verdict.

“Regardless of the reasons why Cameroonian citizens are prosecuted, their rights, and all their rights, must be respected for the proper administration of justice. This military trial did not respect their rights,” CRM leaders said in a statement.

“Coming at a time when many are pushing for the long awaited inclusive dialogue such as CRM & Aliies, shared by many other national and international actors, is enough reason for everyone to condemn the act; since the convicted appear to be decisive interlocutors for a successful inclusive dialogue,” they added.


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