Anglophone Crisis: Murdered Ekondo Titi Students Given State Burial

An official funeral ceremony for the slain students and teacher of the Government Bilingual High School, Ekondo Titi has been held.

The ceremony was held yesterday in Limbe, South West Region, and was presided over by the Minister of Secondary Education Dr. Nalova Lyonga.

The remains of the victims were removed from the Limbe Regional Hospital Mortuary yesterday December 23, 2021, where they had been kept since the tragedy.

The three students and teachers being laid to rest were killed in a violent school attack by alleged separatists at the Government Bilingual High School, Ekondo Titi on November 25, 2021.

The attack was blamed on Ambazonian General “10 Kobo” and his boys by the government. A statement released by the Ministry of Defense assured that an operation to track down the perpetrators of the attack was already underway.


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