Anglophone Crisis: President Paul Biya Reacts to the Ekondo Titi School Massacre

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has condemned the attack at the Government Bilingual High School Ekondo Titi, in the South West Region.

In a letter he shared on social media, he  assured the families of the victims that the culprits of the attack were not going to go unpunished.

 “I condemn in strong term the barbaric acts which will certainly not go unpunished,” the letter read. 

Biya also reiterated his determination to combat against instigators of violence in the Anglophone Regions. According the Head of State, his regime has been more inclined in tackling security threats around the country, especially in crisis hit regions.

He also extended his condolences to the bereaved families of the attack, adding that justice would be brought to the attackers of the school in Ekondo Titi.

Cameroonians nevertheless criticised the president’s selective attention to same predicaments. Notable mostly is the Head of State’s silence during with the deaths of school kids in Buea and Bamenda, both killed by Government forces.

Some persons criticized President Paul Biya for reacting late.

 “You have to always react on time to situations as this. Many days have already passed.” A Facebook user wrote under the President’s post.

Another person wrote “Always late, nonchalant, and slow, RIP.” 

One other Facebook user was more critical of the Government’s continuous speeches, but no actions. “Every day we only hear condolences. Indemnify these families. That is all the Government can do for them at this moment,” another Facebook user criticised.


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