Anglophone Leaders Meet in Toronto to Seek Solutions to Crisis

By Augustine Nyuykongi

An International Forum aimed at finding solutions to the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, is ongoing in Toronto, Canada.

The forum is an initiative of the Non-Governmental Organization called the Coalition for Dialogue and Negotiations, CDN. The four-day International forum began on October 29, 2021, and will conclude today November 1, 2021.

At least 100 persons who have traced their roots back to the troubled Anglophone regions are attending the conference.

Notable participants of this forum among others include Barrister Agbor Balla, a representative from the Ambazonian Governing Council Dr. Julius Nyih, PCC Moderator Reverend Fonki Samuel, Professor Carlson Anyangwe, and Mark Bareta.

The Co-Chair of CDN Dr. Denise Foretia who forms part of the organizing team of the forum said he has high hopes for the outcome of the forum. Dr. Denise Foretia believes that military action in the Anglophone Regions will not solve the Anglophone crisis. “We must find all ways to bring peace, and that only happens when there is a broad-based consensus on the process to achieve a mediated settlement,” he highlighted.

The Co-Chair of CDN revealed that the ongoing discussions at the forum are centered around finding common grounds in areas like education, lockdowns, and more. He revealed that they decided to “ensure things like school resume effectively without necessarily making people lose faith in education.”

“On issues of lockdowns and ghost towns, everybody agrees that lockdowns need to be very minimal and also very well coordinated. Lockdowns will only be decreed when it becomes very necessary,” he went on. He also said, they agreed that if lockdowns indeed have to be implemented, the duration will be shortened.

According to Dr. Denise Foretia, the participants are fully engaged and willing to compromise for peace to return to the Anglophone Regions. The forum will also analyze how plausible it will be to get humanitarian aid to the people of the North West and Southwest Regions.

Organizers of the forum say so far not all parties are participating in the forum. Persons like Dr. Chris Anu and Dr. Sako Ikome are not attending. However, efforts are being put to get major actors on board.


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