Back to School: A Welcomed Headache for Parents

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Schools officially resumed across Cameroon Monday, September 6, 2020, with scores of students and pupils spotted across the country in their brand new school uniforms ready for another school year.

Most parents and families in Yaoundé have welcomed the new school year with delight. Some of them are pleased tutors will be in charge for the next few months while they catch their breaths.

“The truth is during the vacation they rested while I overworked, it was more of a burden for me. I’m glad I won’t have to yell at anyone throughout the entire day for having done or not done something” said Gladys, a parent in Yaoundé.

“I know that “back to School” really drains us financially as we try to meet up with school requirements, but will I choose to delay them at home for one extra week? No I won’t. With them out of the house, I have the ample freedom and tranquility I need to carry out other functions.” Gladys added.

Another parent was satisfied that she was going to spend less money at home.

“With these kids back in school, I’m going to be spending less on them, especially on feeding. At first before the Anglophone Crisis it was easier because I would just send them to the village for holidays, but now it’s not the same as neither of us can travel there,” the parent revealed.

“I hosted so many kids in my house during the holidays, I’m glad the load has been taken off my shoulders” added another.

Teachers on their part have expressed readiness to begin another academic journey with their students. A host of them teaching the examination classes have set their targets. “As a teacher in a GCE class, it is imperative that the results of my students improve at their end of year exams. The goal is to achieve better results every year,” explained an anonymous teacher at the Government Bilingual High School in Mendong, Yaoundé.

Bearing in mind that this current school year is beginning at a time when the country is battling with the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, schools have an added burden of taking appropriate measures to limit the spread amongst students.  To the Public Health Minister, Dr Manaouda Malachie, it has to be prioritised.

“…I hail the enormous work of teachers and urge school principals to ensure compliance with barrier measures and the wearing of masks within their schools, in addition to the vaccination of teachers and school administrators, he said in a tweet.  


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