Bamenda Arson Attack: Defense Ministry Spokesman Denies Military Involvement in Burnings

By Augustine Nyuykongi

A statement from Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack, the Head of the Communications Division of the Ministry of Defense has claimed that the military is not responsible for the burnings at the Mbengwi road in Bamenda.

According to the statement from Colonel Antonfack, the houses were ignited following a gun battle between the military and the Separatists. The face-off is believed to have begun with a routine attack on the military at the Nitop neighborhood on December 08, 2021, by Separatists. 

Figures from the Ministry of Defense said the attack led to the destruction of one military tactical vehicle, meanwhile, 4 separatists are also said to have been neutralized. 

Contrary to reports on media platforms, Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack denied the involvement of the military in the arson that ensued after the attack. The Head of the Communication Division stated that the military had only descended at the Mbengwi road neighborhood to secure the area. 

He called the claims attributing responsibility of the burnt to the military as “False machinations directed at the elements of the Defence Forces.”

According to the Spokesman, “a house serving as a hideout for the Separatists was discovered to be a warehouse for components used in Mali g Improvised Explosive Devices.” 

He also added that “in the course of the gun exchange, the chamber full of explosives got ignited causing a shockwave in the nearby houses.” 

Nevertheless, Colonel Cyrille Serge Atonfack has revealed that investigations have been opened to find out more on the situation.


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