BAS protest against Biya in Paris

By Njix Sharon

A group of Cameroonians called Brigarde anti-Sardinard (BAS) members staged a protest on Monday night in front of the hotel lodging the Head of State, in Paris.

The BAS members have made it a routine to always protest whenever President Biya is abroad.

This is the second time the protesters are going to the streets to stage anti- Biya protests.

Last month, a similar situation happened when BAS members clashed with another group of protesters, called “nationalists” as the Head of State was in France for the Replenishment Summit.

Last night’s agitations did not in anyway prevent the Head of State from honouring the invitation for dinner offered by French President, Emmanuel Macron.

The second edition of the Paris Peace Forum will officially open today and end tomorrow.

The forum is designated to be an incubator to drive global governance solutions. It will have panel discussions under the theme: “Recognising the South: for more balanced world governance. ”

This event is an opportunity for political leaders to interact with each other, meet potential partners and exchange ideas that will benefit the development of nations.


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