Bishop of Kumbo provides shelter for IDP’s living bushes

The Bishop of Kumbo, Msgr George Nkuo says he has got a new, safe and dignifying home for those who have been living in the bushes following military raids in Nso, Radio Evangelium reports.

On Sunday, 26 May 2019, Bishop Nkuo who has been steadfast to the social works of the Catholic Church visited Yeeh, a village in Kumbo, Bui Division. He paid a visit to (palm) bushes, where some people had lived in huts for over three months, without basic provisions.

Internally displaced persons from Mendzen, Kikaikelaki, Ntonghie and Bamkika’ay living in the bushes.

According to Radio Evangelium, a radio for the catholic Diocese of Kumbo, these people fled their neighbourhoods either as a result of their homes having been burned/destroyed by Cameroon’s military, or for safety reasons due to random gun battles between them and the pro-independence fighters, or various forms of harassment. The people living in the bushes are from the localities of Mendzen, Kikaikelaki, Ntonghie and Bamkika’ay.

Bishop Nkuo also presented material gifts of mattresses, blankets, bed sheets, cartoons of savon, plates, buckets, and sanitary pads for women, as well as foodstuff such as rice, groundnut oil among other items. Beds would still be made for these people he was pulling out of the bushes.

The Diocese of Kumbo, under the leadership of Msgr Nkuo, has been reaching out to those affected by the armed conflict in the area. The Diocese has been putting together local contributions, alongside support from her partners such as as MISEREOR (the German Catholic Bishops’ Organisation for Development Cooperation) and the Diocese of Limburg in Germany. It has also made use of donations from some groups and individuals.


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