#BiyaShouldSay trends as Cameroonians await president’s untraditional speech

The hashtag #BiyaShouldSay is trending on Twitter, Tuesday, September 10, after Cameroon State media announced that the president of the Central African country is to address the Nation, at 8 PM (19H GMT).
It is unusual for Cameroon’s president Paul Biya to make an impromptu speech; his traditional address usually comes up on February 10, the National Youth Day Eve and December 31, New Year’s Eve.
Since the announcement was made by the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency last night, Cameroonians have taken to twitter suggesting what President Biya should or should not say as he addresses the nation this evening.
Some Cameroon twitter users want all political prisoners released.

Some twitter users have equally mentioned the issue of dialogue between the government and separatist leaders and calling for an end to hostilities in the restive North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Apart from reactions on twitter, political figures in Cameroon have equally reacted to the awaited speech.
The leader of the National Reconciliation Party, PCRN, Cabral Libii says the speech should be geared at ending the bloodshed in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

“Compatriots are dying! A lot of blood has been flowing. This is the priority of priorities. Do it Mr President. If that is not why you express yourself tonight, then don’t do it. Any other speech will be in vain or inappropriate,” Cabral Libii said.


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