British-Ghanaian Entrepreneur Creates 40 language Auto-translation Earbuds

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Danny Manu, a British-Ghanaian tech Entrepreneur has built the world’s first auto-translate earbuds. His innovation can automatically translate at least 40 languages.

Language can be a major hindrance to the interaction between persons. It gets worse if you both have separate nationalities. Danny Manu’s innovation has come in handy to breach that language gap to a quarter of the world.

According to Business Insider, the innovation from Danny Manu will solve communication deficiencies to at least 2 billion people worldwide.

The Innovation not only allows users to converse fluently in about 40 languages including Chinese, but it also allows them to call, text, and read notifications from their devices.

The wireless earbud device is compatible with smartphones. It uses the information in the mobile device to determine the languages being used and automatically translate.

Danny Manu, the innovator was born in the United Kingdom to Ghanaian parents. He studied at Oxford Brookes University and had also worked at Quanta Networks and MedyBird. He established his own company MyMannu in 2014. It is the company through which his automatic-translate Earbuds were created.


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