Buea Mayor Calls For Restraint From Government Forces

By Augustine Nyuykongi

The Mayor of the Municipality of Buea David Mafany Namange has urged Cameroon’s Defence Forces to exercise restraint as they carry out their activities in the South West Region.

The Mayor made this call in a brief interview with the press, following the killing of John Monono, on November 15, by alleged Government forces in Bonduma-Buea.

The Mayor also thanked the population of Buea for their reaction and the manner in which they handled the situation. “We want to thank the population of Buea for having managed their anger and annoyance,” he said. We know we don’t plan for these things, but when they come, we have to manage them because it could have been worse than this,” he added.

The Mayor used the opportunity to demand restraint from Government forces in the execution of their duties. “We at the same time want to pray that the forces of law and order exercise some restraint when they meet the population. We understand they are working under difficult and stressful situations, but we have to harness our efforts so that peace can be a matter of reality in our town,” Mayor Mafany Namange said.

The situation according to the mayor was however very unfortunate. The Mayor revealed that the deceased John Monono was not only a member of the most sacred traditional groups of the Bakweri land but also a firm believer in the unity of Cameroon. He said “…I can remember just last week during the peace march, he was one of the main architects. What has happened has happened, but we cannot let things go out of hand.”


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