Buhari blames migration crisis in Africa on Gadaffi’s long rule

President Muhammadu Buhari giving the reasons behind Africa’s security challenges on Tuesday, linked instability in the continent which is one of the reasons why people migrate to former Libya’s strongman’s long rule.

The president stated this when he received Louise Mushikiwabo, Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, who came as Special Envoy of President Paul Kagame, at the State House, Abuja, on Tuesday.

“Gaddafi’s long rule produced many people, whose only skill is how to shoot guns.”

“Now, they are scattered around the continent, still with their weapons, and fomenting trouble,’’ he maintained.

Muammar Gaddafi may have had his weaknesses but for 41 years until his demise in October 2011, Muammar Gaddafi did some truly amazing things for his country and repeatedly tried to unite and empower the whole of Africa. So despite what you’ve heard on the radio, read on or seen in the media, Gaddafi did some powerful things which many seem to leave out.

Some of the things he did for Libya are; providing free education, electricity and medical treatment, and cheap petrol just to name a few.

When we look at what he did for the African continent, so many usually think about Gaddafi’s gold money plan and his ideas on making the African continent a united one. Before the fall of Tripoli and his untimely demise, Gaddafi was trying to introduce a single African currency linked to gold; following in the footsteps of the late great pioneer Marcus Garvey who first coined the term “United States of Africa”. Gaddafi wanted to introduce and only trade in the African gold Dinar – a move which would have thrown the world economy into chaos, and bring the African Continent out of debt and poverty.

All of these have made many Africans to look back at the present situation in Libya and wish he did not have to leave power in that manner; a shameful and an untimely death, orchestrated by the west. Below are some reactions to the Nigerian Presidency’s tweet.


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