Bwang Bakoko village: A case of rural neglect in Cameroon

Did you know that some villages in Cameroon have never had electricity, water, schools or health care facilities?

It has been over a decade since Cameroon gained Independence and development is yet to reach a remote village of Bwang Bakoko. Dibamba village under Bwang Bakoko is not electrified, has no healthcare or proper drinking water facility and has no school. It is the first village on your way to the town Douala, in the Littoral region.

The village has never had electricity, and those who can afford generators rely on that for power.

There is no piped water supply, and villagers are forced to trek very long distances to get water from streams; to cook, to clean, and drink.

Chefferie traditionelle de Bwang Bakoko

The village has no community room meaning all administrative duties are carried out in the open air or in a small bar owned by the chief of the Dibamba bridge.

According to Mr. Mbong Amos, the chief of Dibamba Livelihood is also a struggle. Villagers make out a living from fishing and selling sand.

“The village mostly has elderly people and children as most of the youths have migrated in search of greener pastures,” he added.

Medical staff do not visit the village often and there is no health centre nearby. A young villager, the representative of the youths explained that most women are delivered of their babies at home, or on the highway. Some of the babies even pass away.

As far as school education is concerned, villagers have enrolled their children in schools in Douala, which is 6 about kms away. The children go to school as many as six on moto bikes on a highway.

Most of the villagers are CPDM supporters

Created in 1982, when the bridge at Dibamba was built, the PM, Ministers and other Government officials of Cameroon who come to the Littoral for official visits, make their first stop there.

The village chief said he uses this moment as an opportunity to ask for basic needs but all he has ever received are promises.


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