CAF Reveals AFCON Cameroon 2021 Was Most Publicised CAF Tournament

By A.J

Just-ended Africa Cup of Nations, AFCON Cameroon 2021 has broken some fan engagement records according to stats from the Confederation of African Football.

The competition amassed some groundbreaking figures and became a global brand throughout the time it was being hosted in Cameroon.

According to a publication on CAF’s official website, AFCON’s official social media accounts exceeded followership of more than 16 million people in just over 30 days.

The AFCON2021 Tiktok account also curated a massive 1.3 billion views for its video ads and user-generated content.

The tournament also recorded one of its highest viewership across TV platforms, with almost 950 million viewers, and at least 22 million Twitter visits alone.

CAF’s official YouTube account during this period also rounded up their subscription list to 1 million, adding more than 350,000 subscribers and over 3 million hours of watch time cumulatively.

These figures placed the tournament’s fan engagement at an all-time high, making the tournament one of the most publicized CAF competitions ever.

The AFCON in Cameroon was held despite several calls for its postponement. Some FIFA officials as well as European Clubs had advocated for the tournament to be postponed for a second time for health reasons.

According to the European Clubs Association, African players in European leagues were running risks of contacting Covid-19′ Omicron variant as they downplayed Cameroon’s ability to deal with it.

The tournament has been rated the best organized CAF AFCON Games by many.


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