Calls grow for release of kidnapped Senator Regina Mundi

Cameroonians are increasing calls for the release of Senator Regina Mundi, who was kidnapped alongside her driver by English speaking separatist fighters on Saturday 30th April, 2022, on her way to attend a wedding in Bamenda, Northwest Region of Cameroon. 

The Archbishop of Bamenda has urged Senator Regina Mundi’s kidnappers to liberate her in an open appeal. 

“I am sending this open appeal to those who are keeping Mrs Regina Mundi to kindly show mercy on her and liberate her from captivity. To those who kidnapped her, Mrs. Mundi is a Senator, but I am appealing to them to remember that she is many other things than being a Senator… Mrs. Regina Mundi is a mother and a Grand Mother of children and grand children who love her independent of her being a senator,” Archbishop Andrew Nkea wrote.

Archbishop Nkea’s Open Appeal for the Release of Mrs. Regina Mundi.

Responding to the Archbishop’s appeal on his Facebook page, Mbaku Jude an English speaking journalist said “the taste of a mother can’t be measured. My heart goes out to the family of this grandma. The torture you are going through in those camps at this age, for a woman, only God can give you strength.”

Capo Daniel, one of the leaders of the separatist group Ambazonia Defence Force (ADF), said in a message circulating on social media that “the clock is ticking for the execution of Ms. Mundi Regina”. The militia, led by Ayaba Cho Lucas, threaten to kill the lady before May 20 if the government doesn’t meet their demands. “Any attempt to rescue her will lead to a swift execution,” the group warned. 

The ADF has promised to extend the abduction of senior officials unless the government heeds to their demands. 

ADF says the main reason for her arrest is because she refused to resign as Senator representing the English-speaking northwest region in the upper house of parliament. 

The separatist group has since then said she will only be released if 48 separatists arrested several years ago in Nigeria are released. 

The government hasn’t said much about the Senator’s abduction. 

After her abduction the Cameroonian military said they had sent troops to release her from captivity. The Military has given further details on their attempt to free her.


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