CAMAIR-CO bans passenger for pointing out shortcomings of its aircraft

“Suspended from all company flights till further notice,” that is the message from CAMAIR-CO airlines to Mrs Tankoua Joyce. CAMAIR-CO airline has banned a female passenger from traveling with the airline because she posted unappealing images of its plane QC 222 on social media.

The note reads “as of Sunday, April 22, 2018 and in the days that followed, many of our compatriots echoed the defective state of seats on board our aircraft, after the publication of photographs by a passenger of the flight QC 222 from Douala to Garoua via Nsimalen on social media.”

“As result, Ms. Tankoua Joyce, the passenger formally identified at the origin of this incident, which seriously affects CAMAIR-CO’s image, is hereby suspended from the date of this signed notice from all company flights till further notice,” it adds.

Cameroonians have been reacting to this on social media.


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