Cameroon: 23-years-old lady steals baby to satisfy impatient boyfriend

An 23-year-old lady has been caught with a baby not belonging to her in Douala, Littoral Region, Cameroon, local reports say.

The baby was stolen last Monday in Mbouda, and has just been found in Makepe Missoke, Douala V by gendarme officers. The lady explained that she had been looking for a baby and that she did not want to lose her boyfriend who had promised to be committed if she gives him a baby.

It all began in Mbouda, West Region of Cameroon, where the alleged thief snatched the baby from his mother’s hands. She kept the baby with her for some time, then embarked on a journey to the Littoral Region.

After the baby’s mother raised an alarm about the stolen baby, the Gendarme investigated the case and traced the baby in Makepe Missoke.

Some weeks ago, in Nkongsamba, a 6-months-old baby and her 6-years-old sister were killed, after their uncle assaulted them. Many blamed their parents for not being vigilant. This situation is another wake up call for parents to keep their children safe.


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