Cameroon: 3 Journalists Declared not Guilty by the Military Tribunal

The journalists; Rodrigue Ntongue, Baba Wame and Felix Ebole Bola have been declared not guilty and acquitted by the Military Tribunal in Yaoundé.

The trial dates as far back as July 13, 2016
when a case against the three journalists and two other people accused of concealing information and participating in activities detrimental to State security, failed to take off in earnest. The prosecution blamed this on the apparent refusal of police prosecution witnesses to turn up after several attempts, in spite of the go-ahead given by the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele.

Ndeutchoua Tongue Rodrigue, of Canal 2 International Television, Ebole Bola Félix Cyriaque of ‘Mutations’ daily newspaper and Dr Baba Wame, a lecturer at the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC, Yaounde, were accused of “non-denunciation” or concealing dangerous information concerning State security.

The Human Rights organisation Amnesty International recently welcomed the decision by the Cameroonian authorities to release Anglophone leaders, but urged them to also release others detained on spurious charges.
Amnesty International’s deputy regional director for West and Central Africa Samira Daoud said in a statement after their release that the other detainees including journalists should not be forgotten.


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