Cameroon/Anglophone Crisis: Military Accused of Twin Murder in Bamenda

Soldiers have been accused of killing two civilians in Bamenda, the capital of the Northwestern Region of Cameroon.

The victims; two girls aged 4 and 16 years old are believed to have been shot by Government forces on patrol at the Ngongham neighborhood according to several media reports.

They were reportedly hit in separate incidents by the military. The 4-year-old girl was shot in the stomach around Cow Junction in Ngongham. Her 17-year-old elder sister was also hit in the hand as the soldier fired rampant shots in their patrol.

The same group of soldiers also shot another 16-year-old girl around the Ngongham Catholic church in the same patrol.

Media reports say she received a stray bullet on her head and died on the spot, taking the total number of casualties to three, with two deaths and one injured.

The incident has brought consternation amongst the inhabitants of Ngongham, who have decried the action perpetrated by the Military.

As of now, there has been no official reaction from Defense forces concerning the incident.


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