Cameroon arrests 22 Women for Protesting and seeking an audience with the president

Cameroonian security officers have arrested 22 women who took to the streets in Yaoundé, with broom sticks, asking for an audience with the president by mid-March, the movement Stand for Cameroon shared on its twitter handler.

Among them are two men and a baby.

Kah Walla the leader of the Cameroon People’s Party, CPP who was controversially ‘removed’ as the head of the party yesterday is among the ladies staging a peaceful protest but she has not been arrested, a source has confirmed from Yaoundé.

On Friday, the movement called on all political leaders, presidential candidates, leaders of civil society: associations, religious organizations and the private sector to join them for a meeting.

The movement shared that Cameroonian women, are hurting and are fed up with a war that is killing their children, civilians and soldiers; a war that has turned citizens into refugees and a regime that does not respect the most basic rights of its citizens.

The movement sends a message to the president during their protest, “Mr. President, we cannot take it anymore. We must take our country out of the abyss in which it is. We Cameroonian women, are standing up for Cameroon. We will only sit down when you give us an audience and answer our questions.”

“Mr. the Head of State, We Cameroonian women, we who birth and nourish this nation, we say STOP! Mr. President, we must talk to each other. Talk to us before it’s too late for our country.”

On the International Women’s Day, which is usually marked with ambiance in Cameroon, the women of stand for Cameroon did not celebrate. They said they were hurting because the nation is in peril.

What is stand for Cameroon?

The CPP, the MRC, UPC the Faithful and the UNIVERS party have effectively launched the initiative. It is open to all political parties, civil society organizations and citizens who demand basic services for Cameroonians: water, electricity, roads, healthcare, education and who say NO! to a constitutional modification that will maintain the regime in power that has woefully failed to provide these basic services.


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