Cameroon athletes ‘missing’ from Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Three Cameroon Commonwealth athletes have disappeared from the Commonwealth Games village in Gold Coast, Australia, the Australian Police has reported.

The three athletes, include a weightlifter, Olivier Matam, and two boxers; Ndzie Tchoyi and Sart Fotsala, Cameroon’s state media shared on twitter.

During the London 2012 Olympics Cameroon’s entire boxing team and half its swimming team, were reported missing; it was an embarrassing moment for Cameroon. Most media sources shared that the athletes left because of economic reasons.

Before the athletes left Cameroon for Australia, the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Bidoung Mpkatt exhorted the delegation to speak on behalf of the country during the competition.

He warned them not to repeat the disgraceful outings of some athletes who leave the country for competitions and refuse to return.

6 years later it has repeated itself, and most Cameroonians believe athletes run away because they want to look for greener pasture.

Fah Elvis, an political analyst and journalist in Cameroon told Gina Informs that unlike other countries, Cameroon athletes are neglected, even when they come back home with trophies they are not received well or celebrated.

A good number of Cameroon athletes have changed their nationalities and are representing different countries abroad.


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