Cameroon Bar Council Criticises Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccination for Government Workers

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Barrister Christian Daniel Bissou, the President of the Human Rights and Freedom Commission at the Cameroon Bar Council has crticised state officials who have made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for citizens.

Some Government personnel have recently imposed a compulsory show of proof of Covid-19 vaccination for all persons also wishing to get services from Government institutions.

This reaction is contained in a statement issued by the commission on Friday, October 15, 2021. According to Barrister Christian Daniel Bissou, this move by Government officials is a gross violation of citizens’ rights.

The statement also argues that there is no legal framework accompanying this decision being taken by the different government personnel.

The release also added that “these measures are accompanied in most cases by a ban on access to certain public services which constitutes discrimination against non-vaccinated citizens.”

Barrister Bissou pointed out in the statement that “the lack of free informed and express consent of any person called upon to undergo the vaccine is a serious infringement on their freedoms.” To him, the legislative arm of the Government is the sole body with the power to make any vaccination on Covid-19 compulsory.

The Human Rights and Freedoms Commission via its President has called on lawmakers to “set up a general and abstract normative framework which will be respected by everyone.”

To Barrister Christian Daniel Bissou, this will guarantee respect for human dignity, privacy, and oblige the state to improve people’s health.


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