Cameroon/Coronavirus: Donated ORCA bags of rice “go missing,” Minister says rice was distributed to Governors

The whereabouts of 4000 bags of rice ORCA Supermarket donated to the Cameroonian government in April 2020, for the fight against the coronavirus has been making headlines for weeks. Cameroonians have been asking where the bags of rice offered by the supermarket were distributed on social media. 

This morning a French newspaper Le Jour reported it as a scandal, with the headline “bags of rice were donated… Which never arrived their real destinations.” According to Le Jour, the investigation was carried out in many faces; their first stop was at Cameroon’s Public Health Ministry, where a source told them the bags of rice had been delivered to the 10 regions of Cameroon. 

Le Jour newspaper proceeded to the Governor of the Centre regions office, where they were told the office received 780 bags of rice and sent them to Senior Divisional Officers and Divisional Officers of the Governor’s administrative unit.

At the level of some cities and councils in the country, Le Jour newspaper revealed this morning that some Mayors, councils and divisional officers stated that they never saw the bags of rice from ORCA.

Reacting to the “missing” bags of Rice, Public Health Minister Malachie Manaouda revealed in a tweet Wednesday, July 22, 2020 that the bags of rice were distributed on April 29, 2020. 

“The 4000 bags of ORCA rice have been sent out to the 10 Regional Governors since APRIL 29, 2020,” he disclosed in a tweet.


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