Cameroon: Death of Gendarme in Jakiri causes Chaos

Inhabitants of Jakiri in Bui Division of the North West Region in Cameroon are either fleeing for their lives, or have gone into hiding after the murder of a gendarmerie officer by unidentified attackers.

Some people in Jakiri saw the celebrations of November 6th as a provocation. Once they gathered information about how the day was going to look like, some furious youths, marched into a Government High School and attacked students. Their goal was to keep students away from the effective resumption of classes, after the numerous appeals made by administrative authorities and elite of the area for parents to send their children back to school.

Once the administration was alerted about unrest in the school, they called for military reinforcement from Kumbo to apprehend the culprits. Bienvenue Djengei, a gendarme officer from the West Region was on duty, with the aim of dispersing these youths from halting school activities. The young officer was ambushed by masked men as he engaged in a one-man patrol in the village, his gun seized and used to kill him and disappeared with it, according to reports.

The Bui Senior Divisional Officer, SDO, Emile Simon Moo, has given the assailants 24 hours to handover the weapon. Out of fear, inhabitants are fleeing for their lives, because they do not know what next would happen if the weapon is not found.



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