Cameroon denounces HRW’s report on Ngarbuh Massacre, says researchers didn’t visit the area

The spokesperson of Cameroon’s government Minister Rene Emmanuel Sadi has slammed a Human Rights Watch report that accuses the Cameroon military of killing, beating and burning civilians in a village in the Northwest Region of the country.

The minister accused the organisation of working with terrorist groups and publishing a report without visiting Ngarbuh.

Minister Sadi said in a statement Thursday that Human Rights Watch published a “biased and incriminating report against the National Defense & Security Forces”.

The Minister of Communication told the press that the Government totally rejects Human Rights Watch allegations, while reminding the national and international
community that, President Biya has ordered for a probe into the incident in Ngarbuh.

He said “the Government strongly denounces HRW’s approach, which undeniably illustrates the bad faith of organizations which undermine Cameroon’s image and the stability of the country’s institutions.”

Human Rights Watch accuses Cameroon military of killing civilians

Human Rights Watch Tuesday accuses the Cameroon Government forces and armed ethnic Fulani of killing at least 21 civilians in Cameroon’s Ngarbuh village, including 13 children and 1 pregnant woman, on February 14, 2020. The report said they also burned five homes, pillaged scores of other properties, and beat residents. Some of the bodies of the victims were found burned inside their homes.

Human Rights Watch said it’s Senior Researcher Ilaria Allegrozzi interviewed 25 people, including 3 witnesses to the killings and 7 relatives of victims, about the events that took place in Ngarbuh, Donga Mantung division, in the North-West region.

The organisation says it also reviewed satellite imagery taken before and after the attack in Ngarbuh 3. The post-attack image, taken at 10:24 a.m. Cameroon time on February 14, shows several homes in Ngarbuh with damage that is consistent with burning.


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