Cameroon: President Biya instructs PM Yang to commence dailogue

Communique from Cameroon’s Presidency

In a communique issued on Friday 13 October from Cameroon’s Presidency, President Paul Biya instructed PM Philemon Yang to organize delegations of elites to visit the NW and SW regions following the October 1 and September 22 events. He expects this delegation to dialogue with the population, commune with them, bring his good message of peace and encourage the return to normalcy.

The mission is to take place between the 15th and 24th of October 2017 and each divisional team is expected to give a written report to the regional coordinator before the 20th October 2017.

This mission follows protests in Anglophone Cameroon which turned deadly on September 22 and October 1. On these days, soldiers killed citizens and wounded others during protests orgainsed by activists.

After the tragic event on Friday 22, President Paul Biya called for dialogue and condemned violence on his Facebook page on Sunday from Switzerland.

International organizations such as the UN, the AU, the EU, La Francophonie, have also called on the government and the parties involved to restrain from violence and commence genuine dialogue.

The spirit of fear has been lingering in the English regions of Cameroon after these events, as a result of the presence of troops deployed by the government and inhabitants of these regions have been crying out to the government that their presence is more terrifying rather than protective.

Living in fear and doubt, none has been ware of the nature of dialogue which the government has been talking about, how it will start, when it will start and who will be involved.

However this Communique  has given English Cameroonians a clue about the awaited genuine dialogue, even though some are not satisfied with those delegated for this mission.


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