Cameroon: Face Masks Made Compulsory in Public as COVID -19 cases reach 832

Cameroon: Face Masks Made Compulsory in Public as COVID -19 Cases Reach 832

As the global pandemic grips Cameroon, authorities have made the use of masks mandatory, in a bid to stop the spread.

Some citizens across the country have started complying with an order from President Paul Biya that everyone who leaves their house must have a face mask on, beginning Monday, April 13, 2020.

As the prices for medicated face masks have skyrocketed across the nation, some citizens have resorted to using local face masks, made of fabric. Others simply tie a cloth around the nostrils and mouths.

The Minister of Public Health, Dr. Manaouda Malachie reportedly sanctioned four pharmacies last week for tagging exorbitant prices on face masks.

PM Dion Ngute said Friday that anyone not complying with the new measure is liable to be sanctioned by authorities.

Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases have climbed up to eight hundred and thirty-two, according to an official at the Ministry of Public Health.

The additional twelve cases were reported Easter Sunday evening; eleven in the Centre Region and one in the West Region. 98 persons have recovered from the deadly virus, while twelve have died.

On Tuesday, March 31, PM Ngute renewed anti Coronavirus measures for another 15 days.


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