Cameroon: Fire damages two dormitories in Presbyterian School

The fire incident which occurred early this morning at the girl’s dormitory in Presbyterian Secondary School (PSS) Bafut, comes up at a time when “ghost fires” have been visiting structures in Cameroon. But what is different about this one?

At about 20 minutes passed 6 am, local time this morning, the fire started, creating panic among the young girls, mainly the occupants of the dormitory. As their panic turned into cries for help, the security officers guarding the school, boys from the boy’s dormitory of PSS Bafut, teachers and neighbors arrived to quench the fire. The girls and the rest of their belongings which were not damaged were subsequently evacuated to other dormitories which were unoccupied as a result of a drop in the number of students in the school this year, due to the ongoing unrest in the NW region.

A reliable source told Gina Informs this morning that the fire occurred as a result of a short circuit in the girl’s dormitory. The source also added that the school has been heavily guarded ever since classes resumed effectively.

Shortly after the fire was quenched, the Divisional Officer, the Lord Mayor of Bafut, some government officials and the Presbyterian secretary of Bafut Rev. Monte Simon representing the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon arrived, concerned about what caused the fire in the school.

The PCC spoke to worried parents that were already present on campus that the issue was not serious, and that there were no injuries, just material losses. Parents were also reminded that no student was going to leave school because of the incident. The parents however had access to their children and discussed with them.

Normalcy has returned to PSS Bafut and students are in class, no serious teaching is being done, just moral lessons to help the students overcome the shock.


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