Cameroon Government Condemns Attacks on Alleged Gays

By Augustine Nyuykongi

Cameroon’s Minister of Communication René Emmanuel Sadi has condemned in strong terms vile attacks on alleged gay persons in the country.

He made this call on November 26, 2021, in a statement, where he also condemned and discouraged the dissemination of nude content on Social Media platforms by Cameroonians.

Although, Minister René Emmanuel Sadi admitted that homosexuality was unlawful in Cameroon, he reminded Cameroonians that it was not in their power to take matters of justice into their own hands.

Minister Emmanuel Sadi said homosexuality is illegal in Cameroon. “Homosexuality remains a sexual orientation that is suppressed by our laws because it is contrary to our realities, our convictions, and our culture as well as to the requirements of procreation. But for all that, it is not up to every one of us to take the place of justice in punishing those who might be found guilty of this.”

The Minister stated that such attacks on them are also punishable by law. “Whether or not the violence is directed against those suspected of homosexuality, it is an assault which is also punishable by law.” The Minister warned.

He also reminded Cameroonians that the country is a state of law, where only the Institutional justice system has the right to establish offenses and punish them. To René Emmanuel Sadi, the country’s construction cannot be reduced to road and infrastructure only, stressing that the soul of the people and the moral growth should be prioritized as well. 

“The issue at stake is not only moral but fundamental because of the future of the nation and particularly that of future generations is at stake,” René Emmanuel Sadi added.

On November 20, Human Rights Watch said “a violent mob sexually assaulted, beat, threatened, and humiliated a 27-year-old intersex person on November 15, in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital.” They Rights group added that “the perpetrators filmed the attack, which lasted for several hours, in two horrific videos which circulated on social media.”


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