Cameroon Government’s Reaction to Russia-Ukraine War is Hypocritical: Fabrice Lena

 “… Cameroon’s government is manifesting hypocrisy…it’s laughable their level of pretentiousness,” Fabrice Lena

The Government of Cameroon has come under immense scrutiny from Cameroonians and critics over its reaction to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russia. 

Government spokesman, and Minister of Communication René Emmanuel Sadi on February 28, 2022, revealed that Cameroon was closely monitoring the development of things in the war-hit European nation. 

Paradoxically to many, the Government spokesman called for an immediate ceasefire, and dialogue to safeguard a return to peace. The Government communiqué said, “the peaceful settlement of disputes among Nations has always been one of the fundamental principles of Cameroon’s foreign policies.”

The reaction from Minister René Emmanuel Sadi came following a diplomatic mission to the Minister of Foreign Affairs by a 7 man Delegation from the G7 member countries and the European Union. 

The delegation urged the Government to add its voice in condemnation of hostilities currently ongoing in Ukraine. 

Opposition party leaders and Anglophone activists have slammed the Government’s reaction, and called it “hypocritical.”

Talking exclusively to Gina Informs, Fabrice Lena, the Secretary-General of the Popular Action Party, (PAP) told us that it is a “political paradox,” for Cameroon to advise Ukraine and Russia on peaceful resolution of the war. 

Now in its 5th year of armed conflict, the PAP Secretary-General believes it is hypocritical giving out advice that it has failed to follow in solving its internal crisis.

“… I feel that the Cameroon Government is manifesting hypocrisy, by ignoring the war in Southern Cameroon’s for the past 5 years without a tangible solution as a key actor to advice another country better off in all aspects to seek solutions to their problems,” he criticized.

Referring to Cameroon’s Government as the “Most uncompromising Government in the world,”  he bashed its continuous use of the military to suppress its people. 

“It’s laughable their level of pretentiousness… They should, first of all, remove the log of wood poking into their eyes before seeking to help countries in Europe blow off grains of sand in theirs,” he said.

To the PAP Secretary-General, “It can take Ukraine just 365 days to reconstruct, due to the universal support and donations. We are here for the past 5 years, only a few care, and we are not even on the agenda of those who take decisions.”


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