Cameroon is at war

Cameroon is at war…

Anyone reading this caption will think Cameroon is in a state of armed conflict with different groups within the country. But that may not be the case, Cameroon is at war with unarmed civilians. This has been ongoing for a very long time, sporadic shootings by the military, the military and security forces opening fire on citizens, who either die or sustain injuries.

Cameroon is at war because many inhabitants of the Northwest and Southwest regions are frustrated and afraid, no one is taking control of the situation and no one is listening to those complaining. At least 40, 000 Cameroonians have fled into to Nigeria, most of them from the Southwest regions; they are migrating because they have been rendered homeless by the military or they do no longer feel secure at home.

Cameroon is at war because parts of the country is heavily militarized. The consequences of heavy militarization unfortunately usually weigh more on citizens who are supposed to be protected.

Cameroon is at war because, security forces no longer know when to shoot, how to shoot and who to shoot at. But then defending them the Minister of Communications in Cameroon, Issa Tchiroma Bakary recently said security forces only shoot for self-defense. But the question is how do you defend yourself from an unarmed civilian who is running away from you who has a gun in the hand?

There have been so many cases, reported by international and local press, since last year, when the crisis escalated.

Yesterday Cameroonians have been sharing the case of a medical doctor by name Vera Nyoh, who was shot yesterday in a taxi, on social media.

The young female doctor was shot in a taxi, eye witnesses say the taxi driver did not come to a compromise with a security officer and took off in his taxi angrily. The furious security officer’s lone option was to open fire on the taxi, regardless of who was in it. The lady survived the shooting with a bullet on her hip and is responding to treatment in Yaoundé.

But what if that stray bullet hit her somewhere else? Was that the only way the officer could call the drivers attention? Couldn’t he have aimed at the tires of the taxi? Why was he bold enough to shoot continuously at the taxi?

They do these because they have the ‘right’ to do so, they have been sent on a mission, which isn’t yielding fruits, because more lives have been claimed instead of being saved, citizens are more exposed than protected, many have fled instead of staying back at home.

Cameroon is at war with its citizens…


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