Cameroon launches another hunt for ghost workers

Cameroon has launched a mandatory headcount of all government employees in another effort to unmask ghost workers.

The Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze, in a statement, said the nationwide census would start from the salary pay-out period of April and end in June.

The government suspects that thousands of people continue to receive salaries, when they are irregular, have resigned or have died. During this census, they will be identified and removed from the state’s payroll.

Mid last year, President Paul Biya instructed the government to unmask ghost workers and fake pensioners who were defrauding the state of millions of francs.

Cameroon lost about FCFA 150 million in salaries and other benefits to the ghost workers between 2007 and 2010, according to reports.

Cameroon state media shared a communique on its twitter handler inviting citizens to report to authorities if they know anyone who is a ghost worker in the country;


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