Cameroon: Leading opposition party pulls out of twin elections

A leading opposition party in Cameroon says it will not run in February 2020’s parliamentary and legislative elections.

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, Maurice Kamto, said Monday in a press conference that the government needs to reform the electoral code and stop the war in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Prof. Kamto said they have called on the government to carry out clear-cut electoral reforms and ensure that peace and serenity returns to the restive North West, South West and Far North regions of the Country.

The Secretary General of the party, Barrister Ndong Christopher told Gina Informs, shortly after the announcement that the irregularities during the October 2018 Poll could repeat itself, reason why they will not be part of the February 2020 Polls.

“We have called on the government time without number to reform the electoral code and institutions, and they have refused to do so,” he said.

“Another reason why we will not be participating is because a lot of killings are going on in the country, in the North West and South West Regions and in the Far North Region of Cameroon. The government has to stop the war,” he added.

“Our militants are equally in prison and we cannot be going for elections when our militants have been incarcerated. We are calling on the civil society, Non – Governmental Organisations, and other political parties to make sure that Cameroonians don’t go out to vote. We need to pass a vote of no confidence to the government.”

Monday, November 25 is the deadline for political parties to submit their candidatures to participate in the twin elections. On December 11, the lists of candidates will be published.


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