Cameroon: Local Youth corner manufactures sanitisers to fight COVID-19

As the number of coronavirus cases in Cameroon began rising, Local Youth Corner Cameroon and partners realised there was something they could do to produce hand sanitisers for persons and families in great need. 

Dubbed “OPERATION ONE PERSON ONE HAND SANITIZER,” the initiative which started Friday 20th March, 2020 involves the donation of free home-made hand sanitizers to Cameroonian homes and sensitization on how to prevent the spread of the virus from door to door.

The association posted on social media that the campaign was inspired by the current shortage and the increase in the prices of hand sanitisers in local shops and pharmacies. 

“This shortage and high prices is preventing the access of hand sanitizers to persons and families who are in great need,” Local Youth Corner stated. 

“This situation is more challenging as reports holds that individuals are producing homemade hand sanitisers for sale of which the quality remains a big concern. At this moment of emergency, it is our responsibility to support those who are in most need,” the association added. 

The next step was transforming their  office into a laboratory, with help from their peers from the medical corp, then production began. 

They produced 500 bottles of hand sanitizers for a start. 

The campaign is championed by young people from civil society and medical corps who have taken upon themselves to mobilize their capacity in community outreach and biomedical sciences to produce hand sanitisers for community consumption.

In Cameroon, dwindling supplies of sanitisers could prove a boon for entrepreneurs seeking to plug shortages.

Local Youth Corner’s production process is inspired by World Health Organization’s prescription on how to easily produce home-made hand sanitizers using Alcohol, Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerin and Water.

Cameroon has recorded around 70 cases, with 1 death, and 2 recoveries as of Wednesday, March 25. 

But observers are worried that the government isn’t doing its best to prevent the disease from spreading. The figures reported by the government is being contested by some sources. 

Join them:

Are you a young person from Cameroon and across the world who will like to volunteer to support the fight against COVID-19 Virus? Here is an opportunity for you.


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