Cameroon: Longest serving MP, Cavaye gets attention ahead of legislative elections

All eyes have been fixed on the longest serving member of parliament, Cavayé Yéguié Djibril after President Biya announced Sunday that the legislative elections, which have been delayed for over a year, will take place on February, 9 2020.

The Cameroonian politician and leading member of the ruling party, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has been President and Speaker of the National Assembly of Cameroon since 1992.

Hon. Cavayé has been Member of Parliament for 12 years before President Paul Biya upgraded him to supreme magistracy.

Last week during a CPDM rally in the Far North, Hon. Hamadou Sali (MP) accused state ministers from the region of being responsible for under-development in the region.

He made the accusations in the presence of Hon. Cavayé, head of the permanent regional delegation of the CPDM in the Far North region.

This week, Cavayé has been making headlines in Cameroon newspapers.

A French newspaper in Cameroon, Le Messeger Tuesday, November 12, carried the headline “Cavaye Djibril loses the North,” due to his incapability to respond to Hon. Hamadou’s concerns on who is responsible for under-development in the Far North.

Cameroon’s lone daily English newspaper, the Guardian Post Wednesday, November 13, questioned if the National Assembly President will seek another mandate.

During this year’s opening of the November session of parliament, Hon. Cavayé urged members of parliament to continue to support President Biya’s vision for the country.

“As for the National Assembly, on behalf of all the members of parliament, the elected representatives of the nation, I hereby mark the availability of our Chamber to study with seriousness, method and thoroughness, any bill or bills which will be part of the implementation of the resolutions of the Grand National Dialogue,” Djibril told the opening of the November session of the lower house of parliament, in the capital, Yaoundé.

It should be noted that this is in line with the Head of State’s decision to grant a special status to the two restive regions of the country long waited to be tabled in parliament.

At 79, and 49 years of being in parliament, will Cavayé seek another mandate?  


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