Cameroon: Maurice Kamto’s Proposed Coronavirus Exit Strategies

Professor Maurice Kamto Friday outlined some anti-coronavirus measures for Cameroon as the confirmed number of cases in the country increased to 509. 

In a communique he said he decided to come up with the measures because President Paul Biya refused to assume his functions in the fight against the COVID-19.

The document, which was obtained by Gina Informs, sets out several ways in which Cameroon could prevent the disease from spreading and how citizens can protect themselves during the outbreak. 

The first measure – Health Measures advocates on residents in the Littoral, Centre, West And South West Regions to go into a fifteen-day lockdown, beginning April 6, mass screening of persons especially those above 50, the disinfection of public places, systematic wearing of masks, and providing health workers with adequate equipment needed during the outbreak. 

The second, which he termed social measures calls for a suspension of water and electricity bills for 3 months, license carriers and taxes in market places. 

A third model proposed by Prof. Kamto, would require the government taking financial and fiscal measures to support economic activities in Cameroon and to prevent the coronavirus from hampering the activities and resources of companies, main job providers and the tax revenue for the state. 

A fourth proposal would set up committees to assist the government fight the disease. 

  • the sponsorship committee 
  • the management committee 
  • and the Fonds Survie – Cameroon – Survival Fund. 

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