Cameroon-Nigerian border reopened

A closing order that affected the South Western border that Cameroon shares with Nigeria which is as sensitive as the North Western border during the Anglophne crisis, has been revoked.

The government of one of Cameroon’s Anglophone regions ordered its border with Nigeria closed in response to calls by activists for protests to demand more rights for the country’s English-speaking minority.

In a statement, South West region’s Governor Bernard Okalia Bilal said the border would be closed from 9 p.m. on Friday the 29th of September until 7 a.m. (local time) on Monday the 2nd of October, “following persistent threats of detribalization through manipulation by individuals acting from outside the national territory”.

The move represented an escalation in a crackdown on months of protest spurred by complaints about political and economic discrimination in the Anglophone regions of the predominantly Francophone country.

In 2014, the borders were closed for several weeks following the outbreak of the highly contiguous Ebola virus in Nigeria.

The South Western border that Cameroon shares with Nigeria serves as a route for business transactions for both Nigerian and Cameroonian Business men. During this period, some goods were smuggled into Cameroon and sold at a cheaper rate, to the detriment of some business men, while others didn’t even arrive at all, causing shorteages in some Markets in the English speaking regions of Cameroon; such as the Bamenda and Kumba main Market where most Nigerians have stores.




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