Cameroon: Nkumu Fed Fed raises 14 Million FCFA for IDPs

Nkumu Fed Fed has successfully raised 14 Million FCFA for its new flagship vocational program, for IDPs from the restive English speaking regions of Cameroon.

With the cooperation of its members and fundraisers, an annex office and the flagship program was launched on October 12, during the ceremony they raised 14 Million FCFA.

The money came in from different regional and international branches, and from supporters in and out of the country.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place Saturday, October 12 in Bamenda, officiated by the National president of the association, Eunice Tita Tata.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Eunice Tita, explained that an annex office had been created in Bamenda city because the Gwan Multipurpose Centre in Bali cannot be accessed due to the current socio-political crisis in the country.

“For the past three years, it has been difficult for us to effectively carry out activities at the centre for security reasons. Nkumu Fed Fed felt a need to expand its horizon to Bamenda where it will be able to cater for people from different communities,” the National President of the association said.

She equally outlined the association’s plan for the troubled times in Cameroon, “Nkumu Fed Fed plans to roll out multiple IDP social rescue and sustainable programmes. This is going to be a full scale engagement to rescue IDPs who lost properties, homes or workplace and jobs.”

“A social ferment is expected to be stirred with optimal hope, social awareness and interaction to enable indicated IDPs to contribute to rebuilding local businesses and social life through the insertion and skills trainings guided by Nkumu Fed fed.”

Present at the ceremony was the Director of GP DERUDEP, Muluh Gregory who promised Nkumu Fed Fed that they are ready to finance the associations projects linked to the provision of basic social amenities.

After the launching ceremony, the association handed out gifts in cash and in kind to needy persons from the North West Region of Cameroon.

One of the beneficiaries was Ma Mbongeh, a hardworking farmer in Bali who can no longer go to the farm to take care of her children because of the crisis. Nkumu Fed Fed gave her 50,000 FCFA and some provisions for her family.

She plans to embark in a new business; selling provisions at the food market and the association said they were going to accompany her as she realizes her new vision.

Nkumu Fed Fed (NFF) is a network of sister associations that started in 1996. It is a network of women’s groups committed to improving the status and living conditions of vulnerable communities of women, youths and the girl in rural areas of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.


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