Cameroon October 7 polls: SDF posts representatives to all polling stations to avoid fraud

The main opposition party in Cameroon, SDF says it has successfully posted representatives to all polling stations in Cameroon. They will have access to counting of votes, consolidation of results and polling stations in the October 7 Polls as enshrined in the law.

On his facebook page, he shared;

“Thanks to the support of the Cameroonian people, we have just just achieved the unthinkable: We have successfully posted representatives to all polling stations in the country. The lists have been filed. I thank my team for their unflinching commitment. Surely we will make Cameroon better through the ballot box. #Etoudi2018”

Grâce au soutien du peuple Camerounais, nous venons de réussir un exploit : être représenté dans tous les bureaux de…

Posted by Joshua Osih on Friday, 5 October 2018

October 7 poll

Cameroonians are preparing to cast their ballot on October 7, to decide who will lead them for the next seven years.

9 candidates are Campaigning for next Sunday’s vote in a tense environment, especially in the English-speaking regions where separatists have said the regions will not be part of the vote.

The 2018 presidential election comes at a time when Cameroon is faced with several challenges; a separatist movement in its two English-speaking Northwest and Southwest regions and Boko Haram attacks in the North.

For the past 2 years the country has been facing unrest due to the ongoing crisis in the English Speaking regions. However, it is generally opined that the outcome of this election is very critical to the stability of the country as any irregularities may plunge the country into a civil war.


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