Cameroon: Parliament should table “special status” bill to solve the Anglophone crisis – observers

By Njix Sharon

The Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament open today in Yaoundé as senators and parliamentarians meet for the last sitting of the year.

This will be the last session for some parliamentarians before the legislative elections scheduled for February 9, next year.

The November session usually set aside for the budget will be special this time as it comes at the end of the Major National Dialogue where several proposals were made that could bring back peace and reshape the destiny of the country.

Participants at the Major National Dialogue that held on October 4, hoped most of the recommendations will be channeled to parliament in the form of bills for adoption, with the most striking being the “special status” to the North and South West regions of Cameroon.

The “special status” was adopted on the eve of the Major National Dialogue’s close. Delegates in the decentralization committee last October, recommended a status for the English-speaking areas “aimed at strengthening the autonomy of administrative areas.”

The SDF has been mounting pressure for the recommendations to be discussed in parliament in order to bring lasting solutions to the crisis.

The session comes after a document was published by a group of Cameroonians from the two English speaking regions on the content of the “special status.”

It is now left to see if the executive will bow to this pressure.


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